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The more you

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  • Create...
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The more you Earn...

About Us

“Bringing a balance to the Video Sharing Ecosystem.”
Once upon a time in Videoland…
Creators used to create thousands and thousands of hours of video to get their video monetized.
Viewers used to spend hours and hours watching videos and getting nothing.
Welcome to LYKSTAGE - the video-sharing platform that's changing the game!
We believe that every creator deserves to earn from their very first video, and every viewer deserves to be rewarded for their time. That's why we've created a platform that brings balance to the video-sharing ecosystem.
Our mission is simple - to empower creators and viewers alike, and to create a community that's as vibrant and diverse as the content we share. So come on in, join the LYKSTAGE revolution, and let's create something amazing together!

How Does It Work?

For Viewers
Viewers will get rewarded.
Videos can be searched and watched.
Viewers can create personal channels & upload videos.
Like, comment, and share videos.
Channels can be subscribed to.
Viewers can create their own Watchlists.
Personalized suggestions as per your viewing history and interests.

For Creators
Revenue generated by the video will be shared with the creator.
Creators can get a chance to earn from the very first view.
The minimum duration of any Content for uploading should be 30 seconds.
An additional Premium Video model is available, where you can publish the video on a paid basis.
Creators can protect the video with a password and make it accessible to specific audiences.

For further details, Check the Terms and Conditions [URL….]

What’s on the Screen?

LYKSTAGE lets you publish or showcase different types of content pieces.

Free Videos
Creators can publish videos, which will be accessible to all the viewers of LYKSTAGE. They will be able to watch videos for free.

Paid Videos
Creators can put a price on the videos and viewers will need to pay the price to watch the videos. Here, 75% of the net revenue (after taxes, if applicable) will be passed on to the creator.

Password Protected Videos
When the creator will publish a video by selecting this option, a system-generated password will be provided to the creator. Then the creator can distribute the password to specific viewers and they will be able to access the content.

You can upload different types of videos and make them accessible to LYKSTAGE viewers. The video duration must be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 10GB in size. The viewers can watch the videos for free or you can make it Paid or Password protected.

With LYKSTAGE you can host Events, which can be both Live and Non-Live. You need to schedule an event on a specific date and time. Both Live and Non-live events can be Free, Paid. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual, an independent artist, or an experienced organizer you can utilize this feature. Once the event has ended, the video will be automatically saved on the LYKSTAGE Platform.

On the Live category, creators can either choose Live Cam, Live Stream, or Live TV. You can start Live Cam whenever you want to, you also can go for Live Stream. However, Live TV is only for business users.

Easy Event Listing
As LYKSTAGE is a free online event hosting platform listing down your event can be done in minutes. We can help you create and host your event live to audiences worldwide, whether you're an individual wanting to share your content, an independent artist, or a seasoned organizer.

Event Hosting Support And Coordination
You do not need to worry about hosting a whole event on your own. We provide all the support like a promotional link that you can share directly with your audience. We're always there to help you with whatever you need. Just reach out to us at

Something for Everyone
As we have said, LYKSTAGE has videos for viewers from different age groups. We also have something for users of different interests. For the time being, we are offering the following categories-
Science & Technology.
Travel & Events.
And more can be added in the future.


There’s More…


LYKSTAGE believes in equity. When the Creators are getting so much, why won’t the Viewers get anything?

Well, the Viewers will.

Here, Viewers will also get rewarded for watching videos. Imagine, you are killing your free time or relaxing on the weekend watching videos; and at the same time, you are also getting rewards for that.


No more just scrolling through different videos. But getting rewards also.

Reward System-
Both creators and viewers shall be entitled to earn and receive rewards, respectively, on the basis of watch time.
"Watch time" shall be defined as a unique block of 30 seconds of video contents watched by the viewers.
The maximum time to get reward is 6 hours.
Contact us to host your own live event