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The more you

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The more you Earn...


1. How do I join LYKSTAGE?

Piece of cake! Head over to You can either click "Discover LYKSTAGE" or "Skip" to land on the Home feed. Ready to register? On the desktop, search for "Rewards Begin HERE" on the top right. On mobile? Just tap the '+' at the bottom. Sign up as an Individual or a Business, fill in the bits and pieces, and you're all set for an amazing LYKSTAGE experience!

2. How do I sign out?

Easy peasy! Just hit the "Sign Out" button in the left menu bar!

3.How do I upload videos?

Logged in? Awesome! Just click "Create" on the left menu. Choose your video type: "Regular," "Live," or "Event." Then, follow the prompts and you're set. Happy uploading!

4.How do I start my channel?

Easy! Once you upload your first video, you'll see "My Creation" on the left menu. By default, your profile name is your channel name, but you can tweak it in the Profile section if you want.

5. How do I remove a video?

Logged in? Great! Head to "My Creations" on the left. Once on your Channel Page, find the video under "Uploaded Video." Just hit "Delete" and it's gone

6. Wanna set up an event?

After logging in, click on "Create" on the left menu. In the pop-up, pick "Event" and follow the cues. Event-making, made easy!

7. Want notifications? Here's how!

After logging in, hit that bell icon on the home feed, then tap "Settings." Voilà! You're on the "Notification settings page." Just slide those bars to the right to choose where you want alerts - browser, text, email, or even WhatsApp

8. Need a notification break?

Once logged in, tap the Bell icon and select "Settings." On the notification page, slide those bars to turn off any alerts you'd rather skip.

9. Saving videos for later?

Spotted a video you fancy? Click the three dots below its card and hit the "Watchlist" button. If you're already watching, you can also select "Watchlist" to queue it up for later.

10. Need to report a video? Here's how:

Logged in? Great! Click on those 3 dots below the video and hit "Report video." Easy peasy.

11. How will I Like, Share, and Comment on a Video?

On the video details page? You'll see these options below every video. Tap the share icon to send the video to Whatsapp, Twitter, Email, or Facebook. Or just click "Copy Link" to grab the URL. Remember, you gotta be registered to like or comment, but sharing? That's for everyone!

12. Curious about our rules and policies?

No problem! Just look at the bottom of the left-side menu. You'll find all our terms, conditions, and policies there.

13. How to change or add your DP (Display Picture)?

Once you're logged in, head to your profile on the left menu. Click on that camera icon on your current pic, and you can either change it or add a new one. Don't forget to hit "Save"! You can also switch it up from the “My Creation” page

14. Want to update your password?

Logged in? Click on your profile on the side menu. There you'll see “Change Password.” Give it a tap, and you're on your way.

15. How to update your profile details?

After you log in, head over to your profile on the side. A new window pops up – that's where you can edit and update your info.

16. How to retrieve your account on deactivation?

No worries! You can jump back in anytime. Just re-login using your existing email or phone number and password.

17. What happens if you are having second thoughts after deleting your account?

If you change your mind after 15 days, you can sign up again using the same details. Just a heads up, though: your old data? That's gone for good.

18. Want to cash out your LYKSTAGE earnings?

Head to the "Earnings & Rewards" on your home screen. Got 100 LYK coins or more? Awesome! Hit "Redeem Now" and get those coins transferred to your bank. Just double-check those bank details before you do!

19. Curious how earnings work on LYKSTAGE?

Let’s break it down, nice and easy:

Watch Time Units(each unit is equal to 30 seconds): Every time you drop a video on LYKSTAGE, you're racking up Watch Time Units. Think of them as golden points for every second someone spends on your video. The cooler your content, the more you rack up!

Viewership Perks: Every 30 seconds a viewer spends on a video? Yep, they're eating up those Watch Time Units. And guess what? While they watch, ads pop up, and that’s how the bucks roll in for LYKSTAGE.

Who gets what from the ad revenue?

Creators: You get a slice of the pie based on your video’s Watch Time Units. More engaging videos? Bigger slice for you!

Viewers: Yup, even if you're just watching, you earn! It's our way to say, "Hey, your time’s precious, and we value it!"

Platform Upkeep: We keep a bit to make sure LYKSTAGE stays smooth and snazzy for everyone.

Fair Play: Other platforms might play favorites, but here? It's an even playing field. Our unique system ensures creators and viewers both feel the love. So, the more time you spend on LYKSTAGE, the more you benefit. Cool, right?

20. What is the minimum video length requirement to be eligible for monetization?

Individual and business creators need a minimum video length of 3 minutes, which is equivalent to 6 watch-time units.

However, for Business creators operating within the Media and Entertainment industry, a shorter video length of just 30 seconds, which is equivalent to 1 watch-time unit, is sufficient to qualify for monetization.

21. Why is time more precious on LYKSTAGE for creators?

Ever heard "Time is Money"? On LYKSTAGE, we're not just saying it; we're living it. Here's the deal: Unlike other places that pay you for fleeting 'Views', we value every second someone spends with your content. Why settle for earnings from a quick 30-second glance when you could be rewarded for every moment they’re engaged?

Let's paint a picture: Say 10,000 people watch your video for just 30 seconds each. That's 10,000 views, right? Cool, but that's where it stops.

Flip to LYKSTAGE: It’s not just about views, but 'Watch Time'. If those fans are hooked and watch for longer, every second they're with you is adding to your 'Watch Time' units - and that’s where the real earnings are.

Thinking of making a switch? With LYKSTAGE, every second really does count. Don't just settle; maximize your time and potential here with us. We value you and your content!

22. How can you achieve better rewards on LYKSTAGE with a smaller audience base?

Guess what? On LYKSTAGE, size doesn't always matter. It's all about the quality time your viewers spend with you. Even with a smaller crowd, if they're glued to what you're sharing, you're racking up those precious 'Watch Time' units.

Imagine: 10,000 people, each tuned into a 1-minute video on LYKSTAGE. That's not just 10,000 views. That's 20,000 watch time units!

So, even if you're still growing your fanbase, every moment they're engaged is cashing in rewards for you. Jump aboard the LYKSTAGE express, where your content’s value isn’t just in numbers, but in every shared moment! 💫🚀

23. How is LYKSTAGE switching up the watch and earn game?

Alright, let's talk shop. You know the old way? Where a 'View' was the big deal? They'd give you a pat on the back if someone watched just 30 seconds of your content. And let’s not even talk about those under-30-second videos that didn’t count for much. Well, that was then.

Enter LYKSTAGE, where we're all about 'Watch Time'. Here's the magic: Instead of just counting quick peeks as views, we're diving deep into how long folks are really tuned in. Every 30-second chunk your viewer watches counts as a unit. Got them hooked on a 3-minute video? Boom! That's 6 units in your pocket, not just a single view.

Imagine your fans vibing with your 3-minute masterpiece. On LYKSTAGE, that's not just a view; it’s 6 whole units of Watch Time. That's six times the love!

Ready to level up with LYKSTAGE and cash in on every second? Come on over; your content is worth every tick of the clock! 🕰️🎉

24. How can you redeem your reward balance?

Easy-peasy! Head over to the Home screen and tap on that 'reward' option on the left. Spot the 'Redeem Now' button? Click on it, and as long as you've got 100 LYK Coins or more, you're good to go!

25. What if I loop a video on repeat?

We see what you're doing there! 😉 But nope, watching the same video on repeat won’t earn you extra rewards. Variety is the spice of life!

26. What if I skip through videos?

Here’s the scoop: To earn rewards, you've got to watch for a straight 30 seconds. If you're watching a 3-minute video and you watch 25 seconds, then fast-forward and watch another 5, it doesn't count. That 30-second watch needs to be uninterrupted.

27. How much time should I spend on a video to earn?

Keep it simple: Stick around and watch a video for atleast straight 30 seconds without hitting that fast-forward or skip button. And boom, you're earning! 🎉📺

28. How long can I watch a 'Premium Video' after I buy it?

Once you buy a ‘Premium Video’, think of it like a month-long rental! You've got 30 days to hit play. And once you do, you've got a solid 48 hours to complete it.

29. Can I set my own password for a 'Password-Protected Video'?

So here's the deal: when you've got a “Password-Protected Video”, the password gets whipped up automatically by our system. You can hit the ‘Password Reset’ button to change it, but heads up! The new one will also be system-generated. Customizing the password isn't on the menu right now.

30. I'm a creator here. Do I get rewards for chilling and watching videos too?

Totally! Being a creator doesn't mean you miss out on the fun. Everyone earns rewards for watching, except if you're on a business account.

31. What's this 'Premium Play' thing on LYKSTAGE?

Alright, so ‘Premium Play’ is like our VIP section. Only the crème de la crème videos are here, and they come with a price tag. Once you purchase a Premium Video, it’s yours to watch for 30 days. But after that month? You'll need to repurchase to rewatch. Trust us; it’s worth every penny! 🎬🍿

32. How are creators rewarded on LYKSTAGE?

Creators are rewarded on LYKSTAGE based on unique watch time viewed.

33. What types of videos are allowed on this platform?

Different types of categories of content can be uploaded: Animation, Automobile, Comedy, Documentary, Education, Entertainment, Food, Informative, Lifestyle, Music, Politics, Promotional, Science and Technology, Sports, Travel, and Events

34. Are there any restrictions on who can become a creator?

If you are less than 13 years of age, you can’t create & monetize any account with LYKSTAGE. You need to have original content.

35. How are Inappropriate videos handled on this platform?

We have proper guidelines for uploading content on LYKSTAGE. If the content violates the set of guidelines, our moderator will remove the content from this platform. (Read our community guidelines)

Besides, there is an option to report any content by clicking on the three dots available below the video card. The reported videos are carefully evaluated and if they are found to be harmful or inappropriate, they shall be removed from this platform.

36. What is the maximum amount I can Redeem?

There is no maximum limit to the redeemable amount.

37. What is the minimum amount I can redeem?

The minimum amount that can be redeemed is 100 LYK coins.

38. How's an Individual account different from the Business one on LYKSTAGE?

Alright, here's the breakdown:

Individual Account: Perfect for folks who want to both create videos and monetize them and also earn while chilling and watching others' content.

Business Account: Best for businesses who are keen on creating and earning through videos. Broadcasting option also available on LIVE TV, especially if you're in the Media and Entertainment industry.

Pick what suits you and hop on board with LYKSTAGE! 🎬📺🌟

39. Got a video that's out-of-the-box and doesn't fit our categories?

Ah, we love unique content! But right now, you'll need to stick to the categories we have on LYKSTAGE. It helps keep things organized for our viewers.

40. Want to give your channel a new name?

Easy peasy! Click on the Profile section on the right. You'll see a channel name option. Click the edit button, and voila, you can jazz up your channel name. And just so you know, we start you off with your profile name as your channel name by default.

41. Setting a price for your Premium videos?

If you're thinking of going premium with your video, the lowest you can charge is INR 15 or USD 0.99 on LYKSTAGE. So, make sure your content is top-notch to get those premium bucks rolling in! 🌟💰

42. How is the revenue from Premium Play divided between LYKSTAGE and the Creator?

Premium Play on LYKSTAGE allows creators to offer their content via a pay-per-view format. When viewers rent this premium content, the revenue is split between the creator and LYKSTAGE. Typically, creators receive 75% of the revenue, ensuring they earn a majority share. However, the exact split is at LYKSTAGE's discretion, based on the creator's follower traction and content engagement on the platform. Additionally, LYKSTAGE has the final say in approving which content can be listed under Premium Play. In essence, it's a flexible way for creators to monetize their content while ensuring viewers get value-added content.

43. What is the maximum price for Premium content?

While the standard pricing for premium content is capped at INR 50 for India and $1.99 for the U.S. and other international markets, LYKSTAGE offers pricing flexibility based on a creator's following and engagement levels.

44. How to hide/unhide personal details?

Wanna keep things on the down-low or share with the world? Head over to ‘Profile’ on the right-top. You'll see options next to your details labeled 'Public' or 'Private'. Click 'Private' to keep things hush-hush, or 'Public' if you're feeling a bit more share-y. It's that simple to control who sees what about you on LYKSTAGE! 🕵️‍♂️🌍🔒

45. What is a LYK coin?

LYK Coins are LYKSTAGE's unique currency awarded to both viewers and creators. They serve as the primary reward mechanism on LYKSTAGE, representing a user's earnings for their activities on the platform. Crucially, the value of LYK Coins aligns with local currencies in the countries where LYKSTAGE operates. For instance, in India, 5 LYK Coins are equivalent to 1 INR. As LYKSTAGE expands into new markets, the LYK Coin's value adjusts to the respective local currency, ensuring that users in that region are rewarded appropriately.

1 LYK Coin = INR 0.20 (Only for India)

1 LYK Coin = USD 0.02 (Rest of the world)

46. What is Watch Time on LYKSTAGE?

Watch time on LYKSTAGE is the continuous duration a viewer spends on content without fast forwarding. Every 30-second segment a viewer watches is defined as one watch time unit. Hence, for every uninterrupted 30 seconds of viewing, a creator accumulates one unit. When these units total up to 120, it represents 1 watch hour (or 60 minutes). In essence, creators are rewarded based on these accumulated watch time units, providing a more granular measure of audience engagement. Each watch time unit signifies 30 seconds of genuine viewer engagement with a video.

47. How is View and Watch Time different?

Ever been told 'Views' are the ultimate metric in content earnings? Typically, a 'View' is registered when content is watched for at least 30 seconds. So, 10,000 views? That's 10,000 people hooked for a minimum of 30 seconds. But here's where things fall short: If they watch for 31 seconds or a full hour, you're still credited for just that one view.

Enter LYKSTAGE's 'Watch Time' advantage. We shift the focus from mere 'Views' to the actual 'Watch Time'. Each 30-second span of your content watched is a separate unit. Longer engagement? More units earned. Consider this: A 3-minute view on LYKSTAGE isn't just one view but a whopping 6 units of Watch Time!

The beauty of LYKSTAGE? Even with fewer viewers, if they stay engaged longer, your earnings surge. Imagine 10,000 viewers for a 1-minute clip. On LYKSTAGE, this isn't just 10,000 views; it's an impressive 20,000 units of Watch Time. Now, that's maximizing your content's earning potential!

48. How does LYKSTAGE reward viewers for their time spent on the platform?

At LYKSTAGE, you earn one 'Watch Time Unit' for every 30 seconds you spend watching content. These units can be exchanged for LYK Coins, and the longer you watch, the more rewards you accumulate.

49. Do I need to be a registered user to earn rewards through Watch Time Units on LYKSTAGE?

Yes, you need to be a registered user to earn rewards. Fast-forwarding or rewinding won't count towards unit accumulation. Also, rewards are capped at 6 hours of watch time within a 24-hour period, so genuine engagement is key to earning.

50. How can creators start earning on LYKSTAGE?

Creators can start earning on LYKSTAGE by registering, setting up their profile, consistently uploading engaging content to attract viewers, and actively participating in the community. Earnings are derived from viewers' watch time units and any revenue generated through the Premium Play feature if opted for.

51. What factors affect a creator's potential earnings on LYKSTAGE?

The more engaging and popular the content, the higher the potential earnings for creators. The watch time units accumulated by viewers contribute to a creator's earnings, so creating content that keeps viewers engaged is essential.

52. How do I create new content on LYKSTAGE?

Creating and sharing your content on Lykstage is simple! Follow these steps:

  • 1. Sign in to Lykstage and navigate to the home screen.
  • 2. Click on 'Create' located on the left side of the screen in the hamburger menu.
  • 3. Upload your video file in the supported format.
  • 4. Add a catchy title, a description, and an eye-catching thumbnail.
  • 5. Once your video passes our review process, it will be featured on the feed, ready to be watched by viewers.
  • 6. Start Earning!

53. Where can I view my total earnings on Lykstage?

  • 1. Click on the hamburger menu on the left side of the home screen.
  • 2. Select 'Earnings and Rewards.
  • 3. Your total earnings will be displayed, reflecting the sum of your earnings over each 30-day period.

54. How does LYKSTAGE pay creators and viewers before generating revenue?

At LYKSTAGEwe're all about rewarding our creators and viewers right from the start — even before our revenue rolls in! Using a special simulation model, we estimate potential earnings for videos based on views and watch time. Our smart algorithm calculates rewards for both creators and viewers. This means you can start earning for your amazing content and active viewership right away, even before we start generating actual revenue. We believe in valuing your contributions from day one!

55. What is the minimum duration requirement for videos uploaded on the platform?

Creators must upload videos with a duration of more than 30 seconds. Videos with a duration of below 30 seconds will not be uploaded to the platform.

56. Why are my accumulated earnings different from my redeemable balance?

At LYKSTAGE, we prioritize authenticity and genuine engagement. To ensure fairness across the platform, we diligently monitor for any indications of fake engagement. In cases where such activity is detected, we adjust the accumulated earnings accordingly. As a result, only earnings generated from authentic and genuine engagement are transferred to your redeemable balance. This practice upholds the integrity of our platform, ensuring that rewards are based on real interactions and contributions within our vibrant community.

57. How are advance payments managed for Premium Play and Regular free content on a Creator's page?

Advance payments made for Premium Play content are adjusted from the accumulated revenue generated by all Premium Play content available on the Creator's page. Similarly, advance payments made for regular free content are adjusted from the revenue accumulated by all the free content available on the Creator's page.

58. I uploaded a video for rent, but I want to delete it. What happens to existing rentals?

You've chosen to delete your premium video content. It will no longer be available for new rentals effective immediately. However, to be fair to users currently renting it, we will keep the video accessible until their rental period expires. After that, it will be permanently removed.

59. A user requested to delete a video I rented out. Can I still watch it?

If a video you're renting is set for deletion, it won't be available for new rentals from then on. Don't worry, you can still access it until your rental period ends. After all current rentals conclude, the video will be fully removed.

60. What happens if my video doesn't get rented by enough people?

For Premium Play content, videos must achieve a minimum of 5 rentals per month, or they may be subject to removal at the platform's discretion.