Our mission is to help you create meaningfulexperiences in a virtual world

A pay per view online platform for live and non live programs where users can broadcast their live events or non live programs across the globe at unbelievable low fees & monetize through ticket sales. Hosts can showcase their content on LYKSTAGE till the time viewers keep paying to watch their content.


The world has changed in the span of a few months. However, this change can be seen both as a disturbance to your business or as an opportunity. Even if face-to-face events are not possible, you can still take advantage of the growing world of virtual events.

Why host
Virtual Events

Live Events are the best way to engage with your audience without having to leave your house!

At LYK Stage we can help you utilize advanced technology to host meaningful virtual events. While it can seem difficult to recreate the experience of face-to-face events, virtual events can still create a valuable impact on your audience.

Types of Events you can host

Why LYK Stage

  • Negotiable profit sharing
  • Easy event listing
  • Host live events for up to 3 hours
  • Unlimited participant capacity
  • Event hosting support and coordination
  • Live event security
  • Integrated email marketing promotion

Live Events

  • Whether you are an independent artist or a seasoned organizer LYK Stage can help you create, ticket, and host your live event with ease.
  • LYK Stage takes a negotiable commission from ticket sales
  • Special features include
  • Maximum live event duration of 3 hours
  • Unlimited ticket buyers
  • Audience engagement through chat
  • Audience analytics
  • If a user misses a live event, they have 30 days to watch that event as a Non-live event

Non-Live Events

  • Even after your live event is over, viewers can still buy tickets to your non-live show. As an event host, this will let you continue to profit off your live event even if it is over
  • Once a non-live event ticket is purchased, views have 30 days to start watching, and 24 hours to finish an event that they have started watching
  • Types of Non-Live events include:
  • Movies
  • Short films
  • Web Series

Free Events

  • You can list your events as ticket-less and they would be free to watch by your viewers.
  • Free videos can be seen by viewers with advertisements.
  • 50% of the advertising revenue goes back to the content creator.

Promote your Event

  • LYK Stage has a strong social media presence through which you can promote your event. Through our social media expertise we can help you create a greater audience for your event and your brand.
  • Through our own email marketing platform, MySocialGear, we can help you further promote your event. Check out mysocialgear.com to see how email marketing can help you expand your reach.

Sharing Your Event

  • After creating your event, you will get a promotional link to your event’s page. You can share your event’s link with your audience.

Viewing Your Event

  • Your audience can see the details of your event, like your event’s date, time, ticket price, and language through your link

Selling Tickets

  • After going through your event’s details, viewers can buy your event’s tickets through LYK Stage

Hosting Your Event

  • Once you go live, LYK Stage’s security measures makes sure that a ticket holder is only watching through one device. This will protect the integrity of your event
  • Our team will always be available to help coordinate and host your event
  • You will have a full analytics dashboard for each live event that

Our mission is to help you create meaningful experiences in a virtual world

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