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Discover and create amazing content. Get rewarded for your watch time.

No subscriber minimums for creators, rewards based on watch time for viewers. Sound too good to be true? Keep scrolling.

The only platform that rewards both creators and viewers.

Creators can start earning from their very first video, with no minimum requirements for subscribers or watch hours. Viewers, on the other hand, are rewarded based on the time spent watching their favorite content!

5 min Watchtime earned!

Thoughtful viewership and earning through watch time units.

We reward viewers for their time. For every minute spent watching videos, viewers earn Watch Time Units. These units are a form of digital currency (LYK Coins) on the platform, which viewers can redeem or use for various benefits, such as renting premium content.

How It Works


Earn LYK Coins for every 30 seconds you watch videos while logged in. Redeem your coins for cash credits directly to your bank account.


For creators, their total earnings are a reflection of the total watch time their content garners over a period.


For viewers, the more they watch, the more they earn, incentivizing thoughtful and engaged viewership.

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Optimized for multiple content types


LYKSTAGE for Business

Transforming brand engagement and commerce through rewarding content and viewer interaction.


Premium & Rental Content

Unlocking new revenue streams for creators through direct, viewer-paid access to exclusive content.


Live TV and Streaming

Transforming live broadcasting with global streaming, interactive viewer engagement, and innovative monetization.

Democratizing content creation and viewership.

LYKSTAGE's core philosophy revolves around democratizing content creation and consumption, ensuring that both content creators and viewers are equally valued and rewarded, making it a unique and engaging destination in the digital content landscape.

Creators begin earning on day one.

No subscriber count or viewership thresholds. LYKSTAGE enables creators to start earning from their first upload, based on the actual watch time their content receives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do rewards work?

Watch Time Units(each unit is equal to 30 seconds): Every time you drop a video on LYKSTAGE, you're racking up Watch Time Units. Think of them as golden points for every second someone spends on your video. The cooler your content, the more you rack up!

Who gets what from the ad revenue?

Creators: You get a slice of the pie based on your video’s Watch Time Units. More engaging videos? Bigger slice for you! Viewers: Yup, even if you're just watching, you earn! It's our way to say, "Hey, your time’s precious, and we value it!"

Why is time more precious on LYKSTAGE for creators?

Ever heard "Time is Money"? On LYKSTAGE, we're not just saying it; we're living it. Here's the deal: Unlike other places that pay you for fleeting 'Views', we value every second someone spends with your content. Why settle for earnings from a quick 30-second glance when you could be rewarded for every moment they’re engaged?

Want to cash out your LYKSTAGE earnings?

Head to the "Earnings & Rewards" on your home screen. Got 100 LYK coins or more? Awesome! Hit "Redeem Now" and get those coins transferred to your bank. Just double-check those bank details before you do!

What is the minimum video length requirement to be eligible for monetization?

Individual and business creators need a minimum video length of 3 minutes, which is equivalent to 6 watch-time units. However, for Business creators operating within the Media and Entertainment industry, a shorter video length of just 30 seconds, which is equivalent to 1 watch-time unit, is sufficient to qualify for monetization.

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