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Introducing, LYKStage

A platform for both creators and viewers to earn.

How Earnings Work
How Earnings Work

Sounds too good to be true? It's just ads!

Lykstage's revenue model is designed to maximize earning potential for both creators and viewers through a sophisticated ad-serving algorithm. Unlike traditional platforms that serve ads at fixed intervals, Lykstage uses an intelligent algorithm to determine when and where ads should be placed.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s just ads!

How does it work?

This algorithm dynamically evaluates each piece of content and the viewer's engagement to decide the optimal timing for ads, whether they appear as pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ads. The more ads that viewers watch, the higher the revenue for both creators and viewers!


How the cuts work


For creators, starts at:


The cut creators make on the total revenue generated on the video.

For viewers:


*of remaining revenue after creator split, is left for all viewers. You earn from that pool based on your Watchtime units!



With LYKSTAGE, viewers earn rewards based on their watchtime, provided they are logged into their accounts.

Start earning with your watchtime!

With LYKSTAGE, viewers are rewarded for their Watchtime.

A unit of watch time can be defined as a block of 30 sec uninterrupted video viewing. Each watchtime in a video in a 24 hour period allows you to earn from that videos total revenue!

For a viewer, in a 24 hour period, your watchtime units cap out at 6 hours!


Geographical Ad Rates

Ad rates are determined by the viewer's location, with different rates applicable for various regions, notably India (other countries come under Indian rates) and the USA.

For example, ad impressions from viewers in the USA may generate higher revenue compared to impressions from viewers in India due to the higher valuation of ad spaces in the American market.

Premium vs Basic Creators

You can start earning from day 1! However, as a basic creator, your cut would vary compared to a bigger channel - A premium creator. Channels with 1000+ subscribers, enjoy a special cut starting from 55% instead from their videos.

Basic Tier Creators:

45% to 50%

Premium Tier Creators:

55% to 70%

Watch. Create. Earn. Repeat.
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